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Speeding Tickets

Most Nassau County Speeding tickets handled by this law are either reduced or dismissed. The ultimate resolution depends on a number of factors, one of which is the court that the speeding ticket is returnable to. The reason is that each court has their own rules and guidelines when it comes to the way speeding tickets and traffic tickets are handled. Consequently each court has its own advantages and disadvantages. Other considerations that factor into the ultimate resolution are, the speed the police officer cited you for driving at, the speed limit, your driving record, whether the ticket involves a school zone, the judge assigned to the case and the prosecutor handling the case.
Most Nassau County speeding tickets are returnable to the Nassau County Parking and Traffic Violations Agency located at 16 Cooper Street, Hempstead, NY. Other speeding tickets will be returnable to the various village and justice courts located throughout Nassau County. In cases where the motorist receives a misdemeanor ticket in addition to the speeding ticket, those cases are usually returnable to the Nassau County First District Court, located at 99 Main Street, Hempstead NY. 
Why you should not plead guilty to a Nassau County Speeding Ticket:
Every day a large percentage of drivers who have received speeding tickets in Nassau County, mail their tickets back- guilty, to the Nassau County TVA. There are several reasons why you do not want to just plead guilty to a Nassau speeding ticket.
Some courts such as the Nassau County TVA tend to impose the maximum fines, or close to the maximum, on those who mail in their speeding tickets guilty.
Most speeding tickets issued in Nassau County are 6 point speeds. A plea of guilty to any 6 point speed will automatically trigger a New York State driver assessment fee starting at $300. This is in addition to the fine and surcharge imposed by the court. The driver assessment fee increases with the amount of points.
The accumulation of 6 points or more from any combination of tickets received within an 18 month period will also trigger a driver assessment fee starting at $300.
NYS DMV will move to suspend your license if you accumulate 10 or more points on your license with dates of violation within 18 month of each other. 
If you are convicted of 3 or more speeding tickets with dates of violation within 18 months of each other, NYS DMV will suspend your license for 6 months.
Convictions for speeding tickets usually lead to significant insurance premium increases.
No one ever considers this, but if you have a conviction for speeding on your record, and you receive a second speeding ticket, you will generally not receive as favorable a resolution on the new speeding ticket, as you would have, had your first speeding ticket been reduced or dismissed.
The following are the amount of points corresponding to each speed:
1 to 10 mph over limit ----- 3 
11 to 20 mph over limit ---- 4 
21 to 30 mph over limit ---- 6 
31 to 40 mph over limit ---- 8 
over 40 mph over limit ---- 11 
Vacating Prior Nassau County Speeding Ticket Convictions
For those who were convicted of speeding in Nassau after they either mailing in a plea of guilty, or defaulted on their trial, I can often get these convictions vacated and the tickets reduced significantly, providing that I am not retained too long after the conviction. 
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